Erin Gordon

I graduated from Camosun College, in Victoria, with a degree in Athletic and Exercise Therapy. During the course of my studies I accumulated thousands of hours of job experience, having the privilege of working with various sports at various levels of competition as well as individuals seeking to better their everyday life. 

 Originally, I began studies at the University of Alberta to pursue a career in Sport Psychology. During my time playing varsity soccer there I discovered that a more hands on approach to helping individuals better suited me.  Athletic Therapy was the perfect fit to be able to accomplish this. 

 In my work I endeavour to work with you to get you back to your activity. We will work together to find the why behind your injury and treat more than just the symptoms. By creating an at-home-exercise routine you will take back control of your injury. This multi-step process allows individuals to return to work, activity or sport safely and with confidence. 

 Some of the common injuries that Athletic Therapist’s treat are low back pain, ligament sprains, muscle strains, post-surgical rehabilitation, concussion recovery and TMJ disorders. Some of the techniques I employ in my practice are joint mobilizations, PNF techniques and soft tissue release.