Alycia Chung


My aim as a counselling psychologist is to create a safe space for you to open up about your concerns. I view counselling as an opportunity for you to gain the support, knowledge and tools that you may need in order to thrive instead of just survive.

 My style is genuine, compassionate and collaborative. I believe that you are the best expert on your life and that effective therapy involves a process of skill building and (re) orienting to your existing strengths. For me, therapeutic success is when you are able to integrate the wisdom from your mind and body in order to make choices that feel healthy and right for you.

 I have a diverse skill set that allows me to treat a broad range of concerns. I regularly work with adult individuals experiencing issues related to Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Concerns, School and Occupational Stress, Caregiver Burnout, Boundaries and Communication, as well as Difficulties Adjusting to Life Transitions and Illness.

 I possess an expertise in the field of Trauma and commonly treat Survivors of Abuse and/or Assault, Accidents and Injury. In my previous career at the Sexual Assault Center of Edmonton I co-created and facilitated a group for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse as well as provided individual therapy for adults of all genders. My recent certification as a Sex Addiction therapist (CSAT) reinforced just how much our life experiences can impact our relationships.  I can help you break out of your relationship ruts and develop healthier patterns of relating to yourself and others.

 I utilize a wide array of modalities and techniques in my sessions; some of these include Mindfulness, Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Sensorimotor Processing Psychotherapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. My extensive knowledge base allows for a flexible treatment approach and a unique counselling experience for each client.

Note: I am a registered provider with Non-insured Health Benefits for Inuit and First Nations as well as the Criterion Group (Alberta Physicians and Surgeons) and Medavie Alberta Blue Cross (Canadian Forces, RCMP and Veteran’s Affairs).