Cold and flu season is upon us, and we are excited to offer you a pro-active approach to keep you and your household free from illness. Supplementing is safe for all ages through these fall and winter months.

Each pack contains:

  • Vitamin D drops
  • Muco Coccinum
  • Deep Immune or Engystol
A well-researched vitamin that is lacking in our systems over the winter months at our latitude. People that do not tan very well, that have dark skin, or that have not enjoyed much of our summer sun are at risk for having less than optimal levels.
A homeopathic remedy specifically for flu. Can be used once flu symptoms have started or preventively. Safe for children, adults, and pregnant/nursing women.

This is a wonderful product that can be used acutely, with the onset of a cold or flu but can also be taken in a daily dose to support and build our immune system so that it is capable of effectively fighting off infections.

Adult formula is safe for children 8 and older and adults.It is not for pregnant women.

Children’s liquid formula is safe for children under 8.

A homeopathic remedy that boosts the immune system in its ability to fight viral infections ( which is 80% of colds and all flu). Safe for adults, children, and pregnant or nursing moms.

Adult Pack $60.00
Children’s Pack $52.00
Pregnant/Nursing Pack $48.00

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