Thea Comeau


Canadian Certified Counsellor
I believe every client has the wisdom and resilience they need to live meaningful and fulfilled lives, including healthy, vibrant relationships. I work predominantly with couples to explore and understand the beliefs that guide them individually and within the couple. I see my role as a supportive scaffold, which stands strong to enable my clients to embrace the vulnerability needed to heal both personally and within their relationship. Each client’s journey is informed by their mind and body; I incorporate information from these as we navigate the therapy process. In therapy I focus on issues of existence, including growth towards self-awareness and self-acceptance, and meaningful behavioral change.

I am currently finalizing my doctorate degree at McGill University, after completing my master’s degree in Counselling Psychology at the University of Alberta. I have trained and taught about therapy at world-class universities across Canada and the United States, and am committed to publishing research that moves therapy forward. I am working towards becoming a registered psychologist under the supervision of Laura Kennedy.

In my work, I support couples in developing healthy communication patterns to foster their relationship and move towards true intimacy. I encourage partners to embrace the various components of their journey to achieve their goals, both individually and as a couple. I believe that acceptance and awareness of the self are essential ingredients in a thriving couple.

Additionally, I have a limited individual practice in which I specialize in treating trauma and issues pertaining to life transition, please contact the clinic to see if I, or one of our other clinicians, can meet your individual needs.

*If you have insurance with Equitable Life, Greenshield, or Sunlife you may be able to use your receipt to get reimbursement for my services (if your plan allows). For these companies or any other insurance companies not mentioned, please confirm with your carrier that your plan will cover appointments with a Canadian Certified Counsellor.*

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