Greetings all, and welcome to the new year,

I hope you had a holiday that included some rest and relaxation, and if it was like mine….a few more carbs than I usually eat and a few libations. If you are ready to hit the “re-set” button gently, then I am thrilled to invite you to take part in a collaborative effort between myself and Shonda Holt, a Functional Nutrition Practitioner.

We are partnering to do a gentle, food-based 14 day cleanse that is sure to get you moving in the right direction again, and have you feeling lighter and brighter.

It will be an on-line event starting on Jan.16, 2017, perfect for those who have never done a cleanse/re-set before, and also for those that have but are looking to transition moderately back into basic, whole-foods, and healthy eating.

Materials and resources  are provided, and 2 group calls to get you started and to conclude the event.

Join us!


Click here for more information on what is included, pricing and what you can expect.

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