As February is Psychology month, what a perfect time to share some tips on how to keep the brain (that very important part of whole body health) healthy:

Exercise — minimum 15-20 minutes of moderate exercise/day, such as walking


Hydrate — drink enough water


Connect with stimulating people and environments


Eliminate stressful influences from your relationships and workplace


Play games — such as bridge, Sudoku, scrabble, chess, and other  brain-challenging games; free-style play i.e. pets, children


Google — researching, following threads, expanding knowledge, tapping into curiosity


Learning something new/actively improving memory — learning a new language, learning a new instrument


Sleeping — optimal times from 10 pm-6:30 am; for every missed hour of sleep, the debt needs to be made up i.e.napping up to 2-3 hours in a day will not disrupt nighttime sleep


Eliminate neurotoxins from food (i.e. aspartame, msg), and consume food that supports the brain and is anti-inflammatory


Having (good) sex




Creating art/creative expression


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-contributed by Registered Psychologist Laura Kennedy

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