I have been a Certified Reflexologist for almost 15 years now, and almost every client I work with, has some sort of back issue.  Problems range from minor tension to scoliosis, degenerated discs, and osteoporosis.  No matter what the cause, Reflexology can help!  By accessing the nervous system through gentle stimulation of nerve endings in the feet or hands, Reflexology works on restoring blood flow, normalizing body functions, and balancing organs.  When working the nerves that relate to the spine, a trained Reflexologist can actually feel which vertebrae are affected, and will use specific techniques to stimulate these nerve pathways.  Often, a client will instantly feel either a warmth or tingling sensation in the spine, or some form of release of tension, as the Reflexologist works.

It is also usually very helpful to check the hips for any misalignment, which the Reflexologist can also work via the reflexes, having the same kind of result as a Chiropractor!  Clients are always amazed at this technique, since it is so non-invasive, and yet so effective.  Where there is back pain, there is often also shoulder and neck pain, so these reflexes are also worked thoroughly during the session.

A Reflexology session is a wonderful experience, and most clients find the treatment to be so soothing and relaxing, they find themselves asleep within the first few minutes!

You can easily see from the diagram below, how the nerves from the spine affect all of the organs and functions of the body, as they are interconnected.  By looking at the diagram, and thinking on what areas of your spine cause you pain, you can see what areas of the body are affected- for example- 6C relates to the neck muscles, shoulders, and tonsils so you may suffer from conditions in these areas.   Further down the spine (mid-back), we see that 10T relates to the kidneys, and that 5L relates to the lower legs, ankles, and feet.  As you can see, it is of vital importance to maintain balance in the spine, as it can cause many other symptoms to arise.

Depending on the severity of the issue, some clients find relief from their back pain within one treatment, whereas if it is a chronic issue, it may take several treatments.  Once you come in for your initial appointment, I can offer suggestions on self-care and how often you will need to have Reflexology.

If you are one of those people that have tried everything for their back pain, and are still searching for relief, then you haven’t tried Reflexology!

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