Is this you?

*   Have you been cutting your calories and feel like your starving yourself?

*   Have you been spending hours at a gym working out with little or no effects?

*   Have you been diagnosed with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes?

*   Are you suffering from a foggy brain, have a hard time focusing, can’t remember things and lack the motivation to do anything?

*   Do your symptoms overwhelm you?

*   do you feel that you will never have confidence in yourself? That you can only dream of having the energy to get through not only your day but to also have the energy for family and fun.

There is good news. There are answers.


Attend Shonda Holt’s FREE Workshop- Learn my 4 Strategies to Become Fit, Focused, & FANTASTIC!

Saturday June 18th at 10 am

15 Lewis Estates Boulevard Northwest Edmonton, AB T5T 6P8


Shonda’s goal is to provide you with strategies that are based on biochemistry. She will show you how simple changes in your lifestyle can put you in a fat burning state.


Get your Tickets HERE

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